Technology is changing with incredible speed.  It’s transforming the business landscape worldwide every day.  Creating limitless opportunities but posing new risks.

To stay ahead of IT’s leading edge – and your competitors – you need a technology mentor.  One at the vanguard of technology and evolving business environments.  One with critical insights to guide decisions shaping your business’s future.  And one whose suite of capabilities sparks the confidence to put your business plan into action.


For even the savviest leaders, keeping pace with the surge of innovation is daunting.  We deliver key insights on changes happening at the nexus of business and technology.  We home in on opportunities spun off by evolving economies, societies and business models.  And we equip you to make critical choices to chart your business’s future.


To extend business into new sectors and environments, you need deep perspective on the unfamiliar terrain.  We pinpoint crucial data on specific industries and local contexts to spotlight relevant trends, market factors, and disruptive changes.  And we look far ahead to make sure growth plans for your business are sustainable.


Using analysis software can dramatically increase the profitability of pipelines and electric power distribution.  Our partnership with energy industry leaders gives your business unique access to analysis tools that boost efficiency, cut costs, and enhance decision-making for the electric power and oil and gas sectors.


Staying competitive demands reliable, “no down time” business operation, secure wireless communication, and control and automation of net-connected equipment.  We’ve allied with leaders in power protection, automation (SCADA), communication and cybersecurity equipment to bring you state-of-the-art solutions.  So your business goes uninterrupted.

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Our clients span diverse industries and locales around the world

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Our passion is catalyzing business success through research and analysis of emerging computer technology.


Amsel is a research and consulting firm delivering leading-edge advice, solutions, and analysis of emerging computer technology trends. We catalyze business growth across sectors and across the globe, and help leaders make smarter decisions.

By filtering multidisciplinary expertise through deep knowledge and analysis of your business’s unique characteristics and problems, we create customized guidance on a wide range of issues from advanced technologies to go-to-market decisions and gain versus risk to cyber-security solutions.

The Amsel team is committed to keeping you and your business up-to-the-minute on the transformational technology realm.

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